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Oral hygiene is an important part of pet ownership and maintaining your dog's good health for years to come. If you don't take good care of your dog's teeth, he could develop serious health problems like periodontal disease and even major organ failure. Read on to find out how you can look after your dog's oral hygiene.

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Brushing your dog's teeth yourself at home is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain your dog's dental health. Use a toothpaste designed especially for dogs, as well as a canine toothbrush. Canine toothbrushes may have handles, or you may be able to use a small brush that fits over the tip of your finger. If your dog is too small for you to fit either brush or finger brush in his mouth, use a scrap of cotton cloth.

If possible, begin the process of training your dog to have his teeth brushed when he's a puppy. If you start when your dog is very young, he'll quickly adjust to having his teeth brushed and you'll be able to maintain his dental health far more successfully. However, if your dog is already older, don't despair. Older dogs can learn to have their teeth brushed, too, though it might take more time and patience.

Brush each of your dog's teeth individually, with a circular motion. Start in the back of your dog's mouth, with the bottom teeth. Pay careful attention to brushing your dog's teeth near the gum line, where plaque and tartar are most likely to accumulate.

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