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Q.  How long will it take you to groom my dog?
A.  That really depends on the size of dog and the type of coat he has. It takes about an hour for smaller dogs, longer for larger dogs, and dogs with long or double coats.

Q.  What is included in a regular grooming?
A.  A normal grooming includes: Dead hair removal, shampoo, blow dry, trim to owner's specification, ears cleaned and plucked and nails trimmed. (Oh, and shhhhh, expression of, ahem, glands as needed).

Q.  How about my cat, what can she expect?
A.  Our normal cat grooming includes: The Lions Cut, ears cleaned and nails clipped.

Q.  My Yorkie suffers from anxiety, other groomers have not had much luck getting through the process with her. What do you do differently?
A.  At Kim's, we understand that some pets are just not comfortable being groomed. Our salon offers a very peaceful environment - free from the hub-bub of larger salons. That's the first step. Every pet is different so our strategy will vary from animal to animal.

Q.  What is the benefit of "all natural shampoo"?
A.  Our shampoos are milder, helping to prevent damage to your pets coat. They minimize the possibility of allergic reactions and include natural healing properties in the event of itching, cuts, burns and other skin irritations. Our shampoos do not remove essential oils that are produced by your pet's skin.
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